Endorsement of Victoria Spartz for Congress

October 14, 2020

My first conversation with Victoria Spartz was at a Zionsville Meet-and-Greet (for another candidate) in 2016. The place was packed and noisy, but I listened to her and liked what I heard. Here’s what impressed me about Victoria:


Whether addressing free market principles, national security, or individual liberty, Victoria Spartz spoke clearly and forcefully. I thought, Here is someone who’s not going to be intimidated by the Left.


Born and raised in Ukraine, Victoria understands the soul-destroying tyranny of socialism. Having emigrated to the U.S. and become a citizen, she treasures the freedom found in the United States of America.


After two years in the Indiana State Senate, I have seen Victoria vote her conscience––which also reflected that of her constituents. For example, she signed the letter asking the governor to call a Special Session of the Legislature!

I am persuaded that she will stand her ground in the United States House of Representatives, as well, on subjects including:

✔️The Constitution. Preserving the 2nd Amendment and protecting the sanctity of all human life.

✔️Immigration. Curbing illegal immigration and streamlining the bureaucratic process to citizenship.

✔️Debt. Tackling the debt not by raising taxes but by cutting the size and spending of government. (This area, especially, is where her forcefulness and the courage of her convictions will need to be applied.)

✔️Healthcare. She knows that present costs are unsustainable, and that the solution lies in greater competition, and patient-centric free market remedies.

✔️National Defense. Her keen understanding of geopolitical threats undergirds her strong support for the United States military.

In addition, please go to https://www.spartzforcongress.com/issues/ for her outstanding positions on Education, Government Transparency and Accountability, Business Regulations, and Term Limits.


Beyond the impressive number of Indiana Republican elected officials, Victoria is endorsed by

✔️ Indiana Right to Life PAC.

✔️ The NRA.

✔️ The Club for Growth.

✔️ Indiana Farm Bureau AgELECT.

✔️ Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader: “Victoria has my complete endorsement….”

✔️ Minority Whip Steve Scalise: “I look forward to welcoming Victoria to Congress next year!”

President Donald Trump needs Victoria’s support. Join me in voting Victoria Spartz for U. S. Congress!

I Endorse Captain Dennis Quakenbush for Hamilton County Sheriff

April 18, 2018

After listening to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Candidates Debate* last evening, and based on personal conversation with Dennis as well as his on-the-job experience, I am persuaded that Dennis Quakenbush is the best qualified.

In a Sheriff’s Department of 220 employees and a $17M budget, Dennis Quakenbush is well equipped.

Technical Skills

> Dennis is the only candidate in command staff, where he has served for seven years.

> He is currently Patrol Commander, and has 16 years of law enforcement experience.

> As Captain of the Patrol Division he supervises over 60 full time deputies, administrative personnel, reserve and auxiliary officers.

> With an MBA in business administration, he will steward the people’s money wisely.

Leadership and Diplomacy

> Having the necessary organizational and institutional knowledge, he is fully prepared to lead this large and complex Sheriff’s Department.

> He is currently the Hamilton County Law Enforcement Representative for Emergency Management.

> Dennis already interfaces with County Commissioners, Councilors, and Prosecutors; and he will be the public face of our Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.

Character and Faith

> Vocation. Dennis Quakenbush chose law enforcement over his corporate career out of a desire to serve his community, and to keep us safe.

> Family and faith. A life-long resident of Hamilton County, Dennis currently lives in Cicero with his wife and four young sons. A member of Genesis Church, he has served as a Sunday School Teacher and Youth Leader. Volunteering with Little Lambs Ministries, on three occasions he has worked in orphan camps in Ukraine.


Current Hamilton County Sheriff, Mark Bowen:

“Having served alongside him for the last 16 years, Captain Quakenbush is the clear choice to administer and expand the protection and safety we cherish in Hamilton County. Keep Hamilton County safe. Vote Quakenbush on May 8th.”

Dan Stevens, former Sheriff (1987-1994) and current Director of Administration for the county commissioners:

“The Sheriff’s operating budget is $17.3 million, which includes 216 personnel, a fleet of over 100 vehicles and the Hamilton County Jail. Your next Sheriff must choose wisely how to spend your tax dollars while adapting to the reality of the department’s changing operational environment, ensuring Hamilton County remains the best place in Indiana to live, work, raise a family and enjoy a safe quality of life,” said Sheriff Stevens. “Dennis possesses the common-sense maturity, the leadership skills, the business management training and the practical law enforcement experience to meet this challenge. Dennis will serve the citizens of Hamilton County well. I support Captain Dennis Quakenbush to be our next Sheriff.”


Captain Quakenbush understands that continued security requires a team effort. He says, “Together, we can keep Hamilton County safe.”

I am voting for Dennis Quakenbush for Sheriff on May 8, and I ask you to join me.


*Thank you, Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County, for sponsoring last night’s Sheriff’s debate.

I Endorse Matt Milam for Indiana’s Hamilton County Commissioner.

March 20, 2018

Matt’s connection with ordinary people, his character in a shifting world, and passion for integrity in government were determining factors in my endorsement.

What does the County Commission do?

A list of nearly 40 “General Powers and Duties” of the Hamilton County Commission is here:


Among these responsibilities, commissioners:

> Hold the county’s power of eminent domain.

> Maintain infrastructure including roads and bridges.

> Authorize county contracts.

Serious questions are being raised about how these commissioners do their work, and about who influences them.

The Hamilton County Commission: Well Guarded

> Meeting, as they do, at 1:30 PM on a Monday, it’s difficult for taxpayers to attend.

> Beginning, as they do, in Executive Session that can last an hour or more, business appears to be cooked before commissioners step into the light.

> Receiving, as they do, hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from vendors and contractors who do millions in business for the county, commissioners invite awkward questions which taxpayers are asking.

…..Enter Matt Milam….

Matt’s connection with the people

Matt connects with ordinary people, and it’s a big reason I support him for Hamilton County Commissioner. I want Hamilton County to get to know this good man.

Fourteen years ago, Matt went to the door of every home in Home Place. He led his community in resisting annexation by Carmel. In the process he earned the trust of his neighbors––rare in politics today.

As a county commissioner, Matt promises to promote the best interest of all the people of the County.

Matt’s Character in a shifting world

It’s not hard to identify office holders who accept large campaign contributions from big players, then award contracts to big players. “That’s not right,” says Matt Milam.

Matt backs up his concerns with action. He willingly undergoes the headaches of a campaign. He is the definition of selflessness. He displays the character that he calls for in others.

Matt’s passion for integrity…where it is especially needed today: in government

The most powerful lessons are not taught by the mouth, but displayed in one’s life. At a time when the public is weary of corruption in politics and equally wondering if there is hope, Matt steps up to the plate. We need Matt’s integrity on the Hamilton County Commission.

It’s not the expenditure of money that is the immediate concern here. It’s the possible connection between large campaign donations and the recipients of county money. What’s happening now is odious.

I want my grandchildren growing up in a county where they look up to their leaders, and give them the respect they have earned. I am encouraged that there is one such candidate running for Hamilton County Commissioner in 2018.

Matt Milam is that person. His life displays the character and integrity we need in County government.

Please join me in voting Matt Milam for Hamilton County Commissioner, District 1, on May 8!

I Endorse Will Riley for Judge in Hamilton County [Indiana] Superior Court 1

March 15, 2018

Will was very generous with his time in our conversation, as were the other candidates. The chord was struck with Will by:

> His fidelity to the U. S. and Indiana Constitutions: he spoke freely of these documents as foundational in all his deliberations.

> His inquisitive mind: he had been reading through The Federalist Papers, again.

> His ability to communicate legal principles in understandable ways: he spoke of interacting with law school students, probing their understanding and helping them test their own presuppositions.

> His insight into the role of Judge: fairness to all parties, while upholding the law. He had written, “…we must help those who have lost their way, but hold our offenders accountable.”

> His temperament: personally engaging, while remaining impartial.

> His appreciation for liberty and individual rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

> His remarkable background….

…..Will was one of the lawyers who helped recover $3.9 billion for Indiana taxpayers from the tobacco companies and one of the lawyers who represented the Attorney General of California that recovered $12.5 billion for taxpayers from the tobacco companies.

…..Closer to home, Will tried a 6-week trial in Hamilton County and recovered $17 million for his client and the client’s business.

…..Most recently, Will was a semi-finalist to sit on the Indiana Supreme Court.

> His understanding of today’s world: the relationship between the fabric of culture and law in a thriving society.

Appreciation for Each Candidate

I am grateful to each of the three candidates for giving their time in conversation. I have enormous respect for the background, experience, and contribution that each has made to our state and community.

My questions for each related to:

> One’s view of the relevance of the Constitution.

> The relationship between individual liberty and the fabric of our culture.

> The foundation on which one stands when making decisions.

> How to shore up respect for the law.

> Possible threats to our freedoms.

In this process I renewed one friendship that goes back several years and made two new friends––all of whom I admire.


Some Different, but Not Unrelated, Notes

I couldn’t help but reflect on the process of electing judges; this is a different animal.

For example, that these lawyers are obliged to run a campaign at all is awkward. We are talking about a very political process for an apolitical position. I in turn was obliged to ask different questions––more difficult than inquiring of those running for typical elected office.

The requirement for fundraising and party affiliation could also be complicating factors. Friendships, loyalty, and resources can bring out the best in any of us…as long as they don’t carry encumbrances into the future. As a doctor requires a sterile surgical field, a judge must guard his thinking from matters that do not pertain to the case at hand. I doubt that money and connections are a help in such deliberations.

This is not to suggest there is a better way of finding judges; selection boards and/or appointment systems have their own drawbacks. In recent years while pondering one challenge or another in our country, I have often thought, “The antidote to this is an informed electorate.”

I have done my best to make an informed decision and wanted to share it.

I Endorse Republican State Representative Curt Nisly for Indiana House District 22

March 12, 2018

He is loved in his district as much as he is vilified in Indianapolis. But first:



Republican State Representative Curt Nisly was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 2014, defeating incumbent Republican Rebecca Kubacki in the primary, 64.8% to 35.2%. He then prevailed in the general election over Democrat David C. Kolbe, 70.3% to 24.7% (Independent Michael L. Stinfer garnered 5.1%).


Curt was unchallenged in the 2016 primary, and beat Democrat Brian Smith in the general, 77.39% to 22.61%.

Source: Ballotpedia


Curt Nisly is running for reelection, and has a primary challenger.


> Curt is one of the few in the Indiana legislature who voted AGAINST the gas tax of 2017.

> He voted FOR a balanced state budget in 2017.

> In 2017 he offered an amendment to HB1071 that would have exempted all persons over the age of 18, not barred from possessing a firearm under state or federal law, from having to get permission from the state to carry a firearm. Curt stood his ground by appealing the decision of the Chair, in a successful attempt by his caucus to kill the amendment.

> In 2016, he OPPOSED expansion of the wheel tax.

> In 2015 he voted AGAINST the RFRA fix, in contrast to the vast majority of his caucus.


Curt Nisly said he would protect life, and has authored the “Protection at Conception” bill each of the last two years. Some say this bill has no political future, and I understand their misgivings.

Yet Representative Nisly has persistently raised the plight of the over 7,000 Hoosier babies put to death by induced abortion every year. No one in Indianapolis, to my knowledge, has stimulated the debate like Curt. Ending this massive killing is a serious conversation that must be had, and I honor Curt Nisly for his vision and courage.


For his trouble Curt has been castigated and ostracized, as if there were no room for an independent thinker in a State House of 100 Members. I, for one, would be thrilled to vote for someone with his authenticity, character, and courage!

Curt Nisly represents his constituents of District 22 in Indianapolis; he does not impose Indianapolis thinking on his District.


I am honored to lend my support to Curt Nisly––truly, the people’s representative.

Jim DeCamp

What a pleasure going door-to-door with Curt Nisly today in Indiana’s House District 22.

April 7, 2018

Plus delicious pizza with Curt and Mary.
Great couple, great candidate!
Curt Nisly for State Rep.`

Posts in support of Congressman Marlin Stutzman, Candidate for the U. S. Senate in 2016.

July 30, 2016

Facebook tells me that Marlin Stutzman and I have been friends for four years today. My, how time flies! Good man. Good family. Good friend.

Photo: Ruth and I with Marlin at a barbecue at the Stutzman’s place

April 22, 2016

Supporters pray over Marlin Stutzman and his wife, Christy, following a great time of fellowship together.

April 22, 2016

What a great time with Marlin Stutzman and his wife, Christy, today. I look for selfless service, integrity and transparency, and I find all three in abundance in Marlin.

When I started studying this U. S. Senate race last year, I dug deep and asked hard questions. I am completely satisfied and give my full support to Marlin Stutzman.

Friends, we’re rounding the last turn in this race for the U. S. Senate. Pour it on!

April 20, 2016

Todd Young, Big Bucks from Moderates

Someone dropped off a flyer for Todd Young. No surprises in it; most every Hoosier running for office wants to be known as a conservative. No surprises––not even the organization that paid for Young’s flyer: Defending Main Street Super PAC (DMS).

There’s a backstory here. According to OpenSecrets.org, a group that tracks money in politics, DMS has given $62,500 to Todd Young. It is also spending big bucks on two other races this year:

1) $190,000 for moderate North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers who, like Young was elected in 2010 and, also like Young, has disappointed constituents; and

2) $280,536 against conservative Warren Davidson, who succeeded John Boehner in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.

But why is DMS opposing this Republican, Davidson, who trained at West Point and has an MBA from Notre Dame; who served in the Old Guard, 75th Ranger Regiment, and 101st Airborne Division of the US Army, before entering the business world. Besides, in a special election on June 7, Davidson is facing two opponents: Democrat Corey Foister and Green Party member Jim Condit, Jr.

(We’ll return to Todd Young shortly.)

So why on earth is DMS spending over $280,000 against Republican Warren Davidson who is facing a Democrat and a Green Party candidate? According to the Dayton Daily News on April 18, 2016, speaking of Davidson,

“The man who wouldn’t take health insurance reimbursements as a Concord Twp. trustee, even though it was permitted, and questioned every spending expenditure against its benefit for the residents of the Miami County community, will do the same in Washington, D.C., according to those who know him off the campaign trail.”

The person who followed Davidson as Twp Trustee said, “…he’s going to be a big time fiscal conservative. You’re going to find Warren to be exactly the way he ran.”

There you have it: a graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, with the toughest training the Army offers followed by high-speed assignments––a true conservative––yet he is vigorously opposed by the same super PAC that paid for Todd Young’s campaign flyer at my door!

Todd Young voted for John Boehner as Speaker of the House last year; Marlin Stutzman voted against Boehner. Todd Young voted to fund Obamacare in last fall’s budget; Marlin voted against it.

DMS purports to be “conservative,” but it supports politicians the Establishment and Mitch McConnell like, such as Ellmers and Young. And it is opposing a strong conservative running to fill Boehner’s seat.

The Defending Main Street Super PAC gives big bucks to moderate and Establishment Republicans, and this year one of their recipients––to no one’s surprise––is Todd Young.

(Data made available by the Center for Responsive Politics.)

April 16, 2016

Getting ready to go door-to-door for Marlin Stutzman.

There is joy in this journey!

January 16, 2016

Congressman Marlin Stutzman, candidate for the U. S. Senate, speaking with Hoosiers at the Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana.

I am supporting Marlin.

November 12, 2015

‘Great to hear Congressman Marlin Stutzman (with his wife, Christy) this evening in Plainfield…running for U. S. Senate in 2016.