I Endorse Captain Dennis Quakenbush for Hamilton County Sheriff

April 18, 2018

After listening to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Candidates Debate* last evening, and based on personal conversation with Dennis as well as his on-the-job experience, I am persuaded that Dennis Quakenbush is the best qualified.

In a Sheriff’s Department of 220 employees and a $17M budget, Dennis Quakenbush is well equipped.

Technical Skills

> Dennis is the only candidate in command staff, where he has served for seven years.

> He is currently Patrol Commander, and has 16 years of law enforcement experience.

> As Captain of the Patrol Division he supervises over 60 full time deputies, administrative personnel, reserve and auxiliary officers.

> With an MBA in business administration, he will steward the people’s money wisely.

Leadership and Diplomacy

> Having the necessary organizational and institutional knowledge, he is fully prepared to lead this large and complex Sheriff’s Department.

> He is currently the Hamilton County Law Enforcement Representative for Emergency Management.

> Dennis already interfaces with County Commissioners, Councilors, and Prosecutors; and he will be the public face of our Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.

Character and Faith

> Vocation. Dennis Quakenbush chose law enforcement over his corporate career out of a desire to serve his community, and to keep us safe.

> Family and faith. A life-long resident of Hamilton County, Dennis currently lives in Cicero with his wife and four young sons. A member of Genesis Church, he has served as a Sunday School Teacher and Youth Leader. Volunteering with Little Lambs Ministries, on three occasions he has worked in orphan camps in Ukraine.


Current Hamilton County Sheriff, Mark Bowen:

“Having served alongside him for the last 16 years, Captain Quakenbush is the clear choice to administer and expand the protection and safety we cherish in Hamilton County. Keep Hamilton County safe. Vote Quakenbush on May 8th.”

Dan Stevens, former Sheriff (1987-1994) and current Director of Administration for the county commissioners:

“The Sheriff’s operating budget is $17.3 million, which includes 216 personnel, a fleet of over 100 vehicles and the Hamilton County Jail. Your next Sheriff must choose wisely how to spend your tax dollars while adapting to the reality of the department’s changing operational environment, ensuring Hamilton County remains the best place in Indiana to live, work, raise a family and enjoy a safe quality of life,” said Sheriff Stevens. “Dennis possesses the common-sense maturity, the leadership skills, the business management training and the practical law enforcement experience to meet this challenge. Dennis will serve the citizens of Hamilton County well. I support Captain Dennis Quakenbush to be our next Sheriff.”


Captain Quakenbush understands that continued security requires a team effort. He says, “Together, we can keep Hamilton County safe.”

I am voting for Dennis Quakenbush for Sheriff on May 8, and I ask you to join me.


*Thank you, Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County, for sponsoring last night’s Sheriff’s debate.