Remarks before the Brownsburg School Board

Brownsburg, Indiana
July 9, 2018

For the background on these remarks see Transgenderism: Rude Awakening in Brownsburg

Good evening, Dr. Snapp, members of the School Board. Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you.

My name is Jim DeCamp. I’m a retired Army chaplain and pastor, and my wife and I live in Carmel.

We have very good friends who live in Brownsburg and whose children attend schools in this district.

I have grave concern about the direction the Board has taken regarding transgenderism, and wish to share this with you.

While my most memorable military experiences were made half a world away––in a hostile desert––I am aware of at least one area of need that is shared by some right here in Brownsburg.

Soldiers in battle may experience great trauma. The resulting inner tension, if left uncared for, may lead them to attempt unspeakable acts against their body or, worse, their life.

Suicide prevention training is required for every soldier, everywhere in the world, every single year. Chaplains are the trainers, and I was very involved in this area. The health and wellbeing of every soldier is of paramount importance.

It is here that I ask you to think with me; the preciousness of each young life calls out for it.

Seeking to bend one’s physical body to comply with thoughts that are in disagreement with one’s body is a formidable task. By their own description at last month’s Board meeting, inner tension exists within young people in the Brownsburg School District.

Young people who embark on this dangerous venture may attempt to end their lives at a rate significantly higher than that of their peers.

Please show compassion to these young people who are in anguish––precious young people––by not encouraging this very dangerous direction.

The medications and surgical procedures are untested; there is no adequate track record for their use with kids!

And please protect privacy and safety for all our young people. Thank you.