Appetites, Emotions, and Love

What I know about cooking begins with grocery shopping, proceeds to the microwave, then finds its place in the family lore. Win or lose, we live to eat another day.

Emotions are more colorful and complicated. While I don’t fear what’s in the oven, I share with most of my friends a strong sense of alarm at what may emerge in this land.

My purpose here is not to predict outcomes because no one knows the future––except Almighty God, Who has a plan which will surely come to pass. Rather, I want to share some reflections with my friends because I have a hunch I’m not alone.

I am disgusted by the bald-faced lies that cloud this election, and furious that the truth is suppressed. One party is fueled by evil; the other is consumed with self-preservation. The true and the right have become obstacles instead of sacred goals.

At the same time, I am so proud of the hundreds of courageous poll-working citizens who have testified––under penalty of perjury––to what they actually saw and heard.

I have followed the hearings in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Georgia. Some of those who testified have lost friends, family ties, had their jobs threatened, and have been forced to change their phone numbers. In sharing this, some of them were brought to tears.

Several who are immigrants, and now proud citizens, went on and on about their love for this country. They had volunteered to work long hours as an expression of loyalty and love for their new homeland. They displayed courage and grace in the face of insults and intimidation.

When one follows the rules in cooking, the outcome is usually pleasant. Not so, apparently, with elections.

But enough of this…almost.

Love is not namby-pamby. It is the most powerful, enduring, renewing, and noble motivation. It

stiffens the righteous will for the good fight. To be driven by anything else is to live off of one’s savings.

So take inventory of what you’re living for, what you love the most. If it’s love for all that is good and true and right, ask God for more of it because you will need it. If there is gnawing anger, ask God to replace it because it will devour you. He will and He can, because love comes from God.

There is plenty of action ahead. Your country needs you for many days to come. And who knows but what God may smile on our efforts. He can do that, too.