Victory Belongs to the Lord

Debi and I were on the early shift at the abortion facility on Arlington Ave. this morning. I saw eight young women go in—most of whom were accompanied by adults. Only one has left. (Our replacement is now here.)

One veteran of this ministry texted me, “They herd them in like cattle, and wait for the abortionist to arrive.”

One life will be taken, then another, and another. Jesus, have mercy.
Friends, if you have the hope of the Lord in you, you know that God‘s word is true:
“…the victory belongs to the Lord” (Proverbs 21:31b).

Only God knows how He may use the seeds that were sown this morning—as well as your prayers—for the blessing of others and for His eternal glory.

Let us all be praying for the saints that will be here this afternoon, and for the mothers and little babies who are so at risk. God is able to save!


“Lift High the Name of Jesus”
Keith and Kristyn Getty

To share the reason for our hope,
To serve with love and grace,
That all who see Him shine through us
Might bring the Father praise.