Outpost of the Kingdom


By definition, an outpost is close to the enemy. The Women’s Med Center, 1201 North Arlington Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, is the scene where many hundreds of Hoosier babies lost their lives in 2016. And it is there that Hoosier babies continue to be sacrificed. Friday is their usual “killing day.” 1201 N. Arlington is a stronghold of the enemy. There, innocent blood flows.


So it was there that on Friday, April 21, 2017, a rather unusual assemblage––old and young, ethnically diverse, men and women, across the ecclesiastical spectrum––wielded weapons of the Spirit. They prayed, sang, read from the Scriptures, preached, witnessed, kept silence. For five hours they waged spiritual warfare in close proximity to evil.

In truth, there are a few faithful souls who have been standing in the gap for the babies––on the property line of 1201 N. Arlington––for nearly two years. It appears, now, that the Creator and Giver of life is increasing their ranks.

We numbered in the twenties, were bound by a common love for Jesus and, therefore, a passion to save these precious little ones.


We believe that three babies’ lives were spared. Of approximately 20 young women who pulled up to 1201 N. Arlington, one changed her mind before even going into the building. One was inside for only a few minutes, then came out saying, “I can’t do this. I won’t do this.” We believe a third, also, had a change of heart. Our desire is to stay in touch with these young women, to continue to minister to them.

Those on an Outpost may be near bloodshed; they may also witness survival against all odds. Both occurred on April 21, and we worshipped God through it all.


In my understanding, those who work in these facilities are not our enemies. They are victims of a common enemy; namely, the evil one. It is by God’s grace, alone, that I was not on the other side of that door laying waste to “the least of these.” Strongholds such as 1201 N. Arlington grip the souls of those within.

Yet we offer the Gospel of grace, repentance, forgiveness, healing, holiness, new beginnings. We point to Jesus, about Whom we learn in the Scriptures, and by Whose Spirit we seek the Kingdom of God.


“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.” (Proverbs 31:8––ESV) God’s love is the most powerful, healthy, and enduring motivation in the world. Love will overcome a lot––including fear. And there is great joy in standing, along with others, for what is right.

If God is calling you to join in this witness, you can participate through prayer at home, or by your presence at an Outpost of the Kingdom near you. You will not be alone; brothers and sisters will be there, too. And remember the words of Jesus: “I will be with you.”